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Купить Take on Listening: Student Book Bk. 2 в Москве

  • Take on Listening: Student Book Bk. 2
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This two book listening/speaking series is designed for adults who have not yet developed the communication skills necessary to successfully process material heavy with unfamiliar information or subject matter. Intensive listening skill training, extensive conversation, and speaking practice are provided within a context of topics realistic and familiar to students. Both student books provide a framework through which increasingly complex information and culturally enriching knowledge are spiraled. Overlapping lessons reinforce exercises and activities while new material is introduced.


ISBN 9780071105774
Издательство McGraw-Hill
Дата издания 1 августа 2001 г.
Язык Английский
Тип товара Книга
Наименование на русском Take on Listening: Student Book Bk. 2

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