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Move Ahead Level 2 Teacher's Book

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Emphasis placed on reading and writing skills Move Ahead is an exciting five-level English course for teenagers and young adults. It has a strong structural syllabus with particular emphasis on developing the reading and writing skills that are so important where English is used in an academic setting. The flexibility of the levels of Move Ahead allows students to enter at any level. Its thematic approach encourages students to explore English in a variety of contexts and to develop a deeper understanding of how the English language works. Authors Printha Ellis and Mr Ken Wilson and James Taylor and Ms Mary Tomalin and Deirdre Howard-Williams and Edward Woods and Hazel Imbert Key Features • Provides a systematic coverage of all language skills and vocabulary through interesting and stimulating topics • Presents English through a variety of up-to-date authentic contexts and media, encouraging students to explore English in all its varieties • Offers a flexible unit structure so that teachers can use the page in any order • The Teacher's Book offers support for a wide range of teaching situations, including extra activities for keen students

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ISBN 9780333775875
Издательство Macmillan ELT
Уровень B1+ Intermediate
Длина, шт (мм) 272
Ширина, шт (мм) 216
Толщина, шт (мм) 10
Вес, кг 0.363
Дата издания 09.01.2003
Количество Страниц 144
Язык Английский
Тип товара Книга
Автор Ellis Et Al
Наименование на русском Move Ahead 2 TB
Раздел каталога (Серия) British english
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