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6 Июня 2016
• a five-level upper secondary course 
• exams oriented learning path for state and private school students 
• a course structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning  
• a unique approach to teaching and learning vocabulary 
• clear and intuitive lessons allowing teachers to teach-off-the-page  
• a course closely aligned to Global Scale of English learning objectives 


FOCUS methodology is built around the 3Ms – MOTIVATION, MEMORY and MEANING.
These key concepts underpin the benefits of the course for learners and signal its pedagogical effectiveness to teachers.


• topics, texts and tasks that engage students both intellectually and emotionally / интересные для учеников темы, тексты и упражнения
• constant reference to students' life experiences and the things they aspire to /
• language is brought to life through grammar animations, interactive videos and culturally relevant clips


• unique approach to vocabulary acquisition via the Word Store
• language acquisition is driven by careful recycling of vocabulary and grammar
• exam skills are reinforced by Cambridge and PTE General practice booklets
• content students want to read, listen and talk about
• every exercise is relevant to students’ lives
• frequent personalisation ensures students' engagement every step of the way



• full Students’ Book pages in colour, with overprinted answers
• practical teaching tips and extra resources to supplement each unit


• bundled with the Teacher’s Book
• grammar animations with additional exercises
• interactive speaking videos
• teacher’s resources
• test programme


• all the listening activities from the Student’s Book
• recordings for students available on english.com/focus


• offline Interactive Whiteboard Software Tool
• interactive Student’s Book activities
• audio bank
• teacher’s resources
• videos: grammar animations and interactive speaking videos
• games bank

Компоненты курса
4623720783488 Focus 1 Class CDs
9781292135052 Focus 1 SB+Practice Tests Plus Key Booklet Pack
9781447997672 Focus 1 Student's Book
9781292110035 Focus 1 Student's Book & MyEnglishLab Pack
9781292110042 Focus 1 Teacher's Book & DVD-ROM Pack
9781447997757 Focus 1 Workbook
4623720783501 Focus 2 Class CDs
9781292135090 Focus 2 SB+Practice Tests Plus First Booklet Pack
9781447997887 Focus 2 Student's Book
9781292110066 Focus 2 TB&DVD-ROM Pack
9781447997962 Focus 2 Workbook
4623720783495 Focus 3 Class CDs
9781447998099 Focus 3 Student's Book
9781292110080 Focus 3 Teacher's Book & DVD-ROM Pack
9781447998174 Focus 3 Workbook
4623720783518 Focus 4 Class CDs
9781447998310 Focus 4 Student's Book
9781292110103 Focus 4 Teacher's Book & DVD-ROM Pack
9781447998396 Focus 4 Workbook
9781447998402 Focus 5 Class CDs
9781447998532 Focus 5 Student's Book
9781292110127 Focus 5 Teacher's Book & DVD-ROM Pack
9781447998617 Focus 5 Workbook
9781292148878 Focus Exam Practice Booklet Pearson Tests of English General 1 (A2)
9781292148885 Focus Exam Practice Booklet Pearson Tests of English General 2 (B1)
9781292148892 Focus Exam Practice Booklet Pearson Tests of English General 3 (B2)
9781292148908 Focus Exam Practice Booklet Pearson Tests of English General 4 (C1)
9781292121161 Focus Exam Practice: Cambridge English First
9781292121123 Focus Exam Practice: Cambridge English Key for Schools
9781292121147 Focus Exam Practice: Cambridge English Preliminary
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